Nicole Kidman to be Nintendo’s Frontwoman

June 25, 2007 at 2:52 pm (DS, Gaming, Nintendo)

KidmanNicky and Ninty are pairing up to promote Brain Training on the Nintendo DS.  What better way for Ms. Kidman to celebrate the dawning of her 40s than by pimping a video game for Nintendo?  I certainly can’t think of any better ideas.  And hey, as a fringe benefit to all the money she’s probably making (Did I just get overly cynical there?), Brain Training is “a great way to keep my mind feeling young.”  And there you have it.

I am very curious to see what channels the TV ads will run on.   But, what’s more interesting and funny to me is this: why does Nintendo have to advertise at all when sales numbers for the DS are mopping the floor with the competition?

 [via BBC News]


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