Sony Rediscovers Moneymaking Secret: Games

March 1, 2007 at 2:44 pm (Gaming, PS3, PSP, Sony)


The past week’s Japanese sales charts are out and they demonstrate a simple fact: Quality games, marketed well, sell.  Period.  Monster Hunter Portable 2nd for the PSP absolutely *destroyed* the competition (#2-10 on the chart *combined* only total just over than half the sales of MHP2). 

And now, this week, Sony hopes to capture the same kind of numbers with Gundam Musou for the PS3.  Kotaku has anecdotal evidence that this Gundam (unlike the last one) could even be a “system-seller”.  And maybe Motorstorm can do the same thing for Sony in the US.  Hopefully, these games are a good sign for Sony and their beleaguered PlayStation brand.

And that brings me back to a simple point: Gamers want games.  Good games.  And if you provide them those games, they will buy whatever system is necessary to play them even if it is the “dead” PSP or the “too expensive” PS3.  So Sony, are you listening?  Forget about uber-convergence and get to attracting/publishing/stealing/bribing the developers to get more games out.  And make ’em good games while you’re at it.  And then the next-gen marathon will truly begin.


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