Band of Bugs Preview: Live Integration Pt. 2

May 25, 2007 at 12:37 am (Gaming, NinjaBee, XBLA, Xbox 360)

Live Vision DLC

Two topics on the docket for today: Camera and DLC.

First, the Xbox Live Vision camera support.  If you play other camera-enabled games this will all feel familiar to you.  In multiplayer matches, when you arrive in the pre-game/post-game lobbies, you will see either a person’s gamerpic or his/her camera stream.  Once you are in the game, the streams and pics are relegated to a small section on the right side of the screen.  Within the lobbies the video feeds add something fun (when is it not fun to witness the look of defeat on your enemy’s face?), but in-game the windows are so small that they are barely interesting.

Click below for info on DLC.

Second, Band of Bugs has also been built with extensive Downloadable Content support.  After helping pioneer DLC on XBLA with Kaloki, NinjaBee were not about to lose this prime opportunity.  Actually, “prime opportunity” seems like a major understatement.  Games like BoB cry out for add-ons of all kinds.  Nothing to announce yet (gotta get the game out first, right?) but rest assured — if you have imagined possible BoB DLC, they have most likely already considered it.  We shall see how ambitious they get. 

Also, here is the word direct from foregone conclusion territory: BoB will also get the typical picture pack(s) and theme(s). 

When I get any details on DLC specifics (and I will be getting them) you will find all the details here.

Bonus Topic: Unlockable Gamerpics!

In proper NinjaBee fashion, there are unlockable gamerpics built right into the game.  Just play the game (online and off) and you will likely unlock both.  A nice free bonus for the NinjaBee community. One of them is even the dreaded NinjaBee itself.  And who wouldn’t want to strike fear in their rivals by displaying 100% pure striped death on their gamercard?


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