Band of Bugs Preview: Gameplay (Addendum) [Update]

April 30, 2007 at 2:10 pm (Gaming, NinjaBee, XBLA, Xbox 360)

nblogo.jpgI just remembered another very strategic part of the game that should have been included: Weapon Switching.  Many characters have more than one weapon at their disposal and that can lead to some interesting battle variations.  Some units can even change between a melee weapon and a ranged weapon.

Of course, each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses so you will be force to weigh your options carefully.  Do you choose a weapon with a lower chance to hit but a chance for Knock Back?  Obviously choosing the best weapon for the situation becomes hugely important. 

The only drawback to changing to the perfect weapon for a given situation: Changing your weapon uses your unit’s turn.  So, you must anticipate the weapon your unit will need a whole round in advance.  Not any easy task.

I swear, the more I talk about this game the more depth I find.

[Update] To prove my point further, I remembered something else: Dice Rolls.  When you move to attack an opponent, a bar will show your chance to do a double damage critical hit (Red), an average hit (Orange), or a dreaded Weak Hit (Yellow).  A lot of the strategy in the game hinges on bonuses that tip those percentages in your favor. 

Many of these bonuses are based on where you attack your opponent (e.g., You attack from behind which raises your chance to hit with full power) or the location of your friendly units (e.g., one of your units is standing next to the attacking unit, so the attacking unit has a higher chance to hit).  But sometimes the unthinkable can still happen and you can get a weak hit just when you needed a run-of-the-mill average hit.  Thus, luck can indeed play a role in your successes and failures and helps to keep the levels fresh even after playing them a second or third time (gotta get those Gold Rankings, right?).


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  1. Band of Bugs Preview: Sound « Lunar’s Duality said,

    […] Here’s what I can tell you: The character voices were fun in that Simlish way.  (Where does NinjaBee come up with these fake mumble languages?)  The music matched well with the style of the game and avoided becoming grating even after many hours of play. As for sound effects: As I dug deeper into the game I got very used to the “Thwack” sound of hitting someone with a melee weapon but it never truly annoyed me.  In fact, I felt a certain satisfaction in hearing that sound as I brought the smack down on some unsuspecting Warrior or Grunt.  Maybe the satisfaction worked as counterpoint to the anger, confusion, and disappointment I felt when I heard the sad bubbling sound of a “Weak Hit”.  Damn those pitiful dice rolls!  (Grr…that is another thing I forgot to mention in my Gameplay section…guess I will update the Addendum!) […]

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