Band of Bugs Preview: Story [Update]

April 26, 2007 at 6:38 pm (Gaming, NinjaBee, XBLA, Xbox 360)

maal.jpgThe single player campaign in Band of Bugs called Maal’s Story follows (appropriately enough) Maal, (pictured) a bug unlike others around him.  And no, it is not because he is anthropomorphic and his buddies are all just normal bugs.  Maal, along with his comrades, has been thrust into a battle against “The Dark One.”  The story is effectively told through simple text panels with 2D animated character art in what is becoming a trademark NinjaBee look and feel.  (Just imagine Maal here but with a talking mouth, Terry Gilliam style, and you get the idea.)  Of course, the typical NinjaBee humor is also present in the story alongside the more serious tones of Maal’s journey from new recruit to hero.  

The 3 tutorial levels and 20 campaign levels of Maal’s Story present a great variety of challenges that escalate and complicate at a steady and appropriate pace as Maal grows closer to the source of the battles in his land. 

Note: For those interested in trying before buying: the Trial Version will end after level 4 in Maal’s Story, so you will have access to 3 tutorial levels and 4 campaign levels.  (That is a heckuva lot to sink your teeth into but it is also right where the story and your squad’s abilities take off.)  You will also be able to try out the editor but will not be able to save your work.  I will explain why the level editor is so cool in a later section.

[Update]: There was one tidbit that I forgot to mention.  OXM already confirmed that there is a NinjaBee character in Band of Bugs in one of the screenshots that was used.  It was discussed a little bit on the NinjaBee forums but the general feeling was that the NinjaBee was merely a small plot device.  Well, let me tell you that not only is the NinjaBee integral to the plot of Band of Bugs, but it is also a playable character…a playable character that personifies ten kinds of awesome!


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