Guitar Hero DLC Priced, Everyone Complains

April 15, 2007 at 2:13 am (Gaming, Microsoft, Rhythm, Xbox 360)

ghii.jpg So the dust has settled (a bit) after the big price announcement for the downloadable “Track Packs” for Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360.  (If you missed this completely, check here or here.)

Since then Major Nelson (aka Larry Hyrb) has come out and had his quotes abused on Joystiq, Kotaku, and even on Next-Generation.  The gist from him was that these songs had to be relicensed for the new platform (360) and Co-op tracks were added to each of them…thus, it’s not merely old content used to gouge the customer.

I appreciate the impossible situation the Major is in here (a position I am sure he is used to by now, right?) — being stuck between a publisher that wants to make some serious money on a highly demanded product and consumers that want as much content for as little money as possible.  Unfortunately, I have to side with the whiny and annoying irate consumers on this one.

 It’s simply a question of math:

  • 3 songs per pack @ 500 MS Points
  • 47 songs in the original Guitar Hero
  • 47 songs would cost approx. 7830 MS Points
  • 7830 MS Points translates into roughly $98
  • (Not to mention the inevitable “2 Good Songs and 1 Crap Song per Pack” problem)

Personally, I was looking forward to picking up the whole tracklist for around $20, $30 if they wanted to squeeze some pennies outta me.  But at this price they have officially lost me completely.  And if they have priced *me* out I wonder how many others are so completely turned off by this that they will avoid the songs all together.  And therefore, are they really making *more* money by pricing them this high?

Bethesda learned early on that charging too much on DLC can result in major backlash (see: Horse Armor).  Luckily, all of their DLC *after* that point was much more reasonable, almost as if they had learned their lesson.  So why can’t other companies (presumably Activision in this case) learn from those already in the marketplace?  It has me purely baffled.

Listen up RedOctane, Harmonix, Activision, *whoever* made this decision:  I just dropped $150 for your game (I got two guitars).  Why can’t you throw me a bone by giving me some goodies on the cheap to thank me for plunking down so much of my money?  I mean, really.  Help me out a little bit.


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